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A road to Nirvana for used tires

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What can a scrap tire do? Is it the colorful "flower pot" sprayed with paint in the community, or the anti-collision "soft wall" of the mountain road? It has to be said that these innovative and innovative "flower POTS" and "soft walls" turn waste tires into treasure, beautify the community environment, and effectively reduce the casualty rate of vehicle accidents, which is worthy of a beneficial measure. However, in Gansu Luqiao Shanjian Technology Company, technicians make solid waste tires "disappear" into liquid fuel oil, solid carbon black and metal steel wire three kinds of high value-added products, and truly realize the recycling of waste tires, environmental protection and high value.

Shanjian Technology Company Lanzhou New District solid waste rubber green low-carbon recycling workshop built two production lines. One is a rubber powder production line, all kinds of waste tires from the waste collection station, after cutting, rubber breaking, grinding, desulfurization and other processes after processing rubber powder, part of the rubber composite modified asphalt auxiliary materials, part of the cone drum, speed bumps and other recycled rubber supplies production.

The other is the deep processing cracking production line for the production of fuel oil. This production line only needs three processes of cutting, breaking and grinding. After crushing and grinding waste tires into pea-sized rubber particles, the waste tires are transported to the airtight feeding device through the conveyor, so that the materials can enter the cracker continuously under the condition of isolating oxygen, and the cracker is heated by the heating system. The rubber powder particles in the cracker are continuously cracked at a set temperature. The production line consists of material transportation, pyrolysis reaction, oil and gas condensation, hot air circulation heating, magnetic separation, carbon black transportation and deep processing, flue gas purification and other processes, and finally produces three kinds of products with cracked oil and carbon black as the main products and steel wire as the by-product.

It is worth mentioning that the production line is in the anaerobic or anoxic state, the tire this polymer compound into one or more low molecular compounds, the whole process is only the change of the physical form of waste tires, without adding any additives, does not involve any chemical reaction and change. Secondly, the non-condensable gas generated in the production process is fully recycled and burned, and the heating device of the production line does not need to add other fuels, which is self-sufficient, reducing energy consumption and reducing exhaust emissions. Third, a small amount of dust, sulfide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds produced after secondary cycle combustion are cooled by the flue gas purification system through SCR denitrification, dry desulfurization, activated carbon adsorption and other processes, fully ensuring the standard of flue gas emissions.

After the "Nirvana" road bath fire "rebirth" of waste tires, as cracked oil, carbon black, steel wire a variety of "identities" to show people again. According to the current production capacity, it can handle more than 10,000 tons of waste tires per year, and produce 4,500 tons of light fuel oil, 3,500 carbon black, 1,000 tons of steel wire. Light fuel oil is the ideal fuel for industrial boilers such as asphalt mixing stations, with high calorific value (calorific value between gasoline and diesel), low ash content, low viscosity, and low carbon residue value. Carbon black is an important raw material for the production of rubber products, printing and dyeing inks, colorants, activated carbon and other industrial products, with green environmental protection, good physical properties, steel wire in addition to directly used as concrete products steel fiber, but also can be recycled for metal smelting.

We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, adhere to the concept of green development, and foster and develop strategic emerging industries. Since the Party's 20th National Congress, Shanjian Technology Company has grasped and carried on its shoulders the requirements of the Party Central Committee for a new round of deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, focused on the goal of "green highway" and "double carbon", vigorously promoted the construction of digital workshops and green factories, focused on strengthening the integration of innovation chain and industrial chain, and enhanced the core competitiveness of the industrial chain. Clearly based on the strategic goals of R&D and production of road materials, optimizing industrial layout, and accelerating transformation and development, a beautiful picture of high-quality development is slowly unfolding.

After being named "digital workshop" by Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology at the end of 2022, in 2023, the company has been identified as a new type of research and development institution in Gansu Province, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Gansu Province, and has been included in the list of specialized and special new "little giant" cultivation enterprises by Lanzhou New Area, and won the second prize of Gansu Province's "Industrial Excellent New Product Award". One scientific research project was selected as the central guide local science and technology development fund project and approved a special subsidy fund of 2.5 million yuan.

Smart reservoir area, green factory, "oil to electricity" tank truck heating, asphalt pavement "geothermal regeneration" maintenance and construction, solid waste rubber green low-carbon recycling... Shanjian Technology Co., Ltd. is changing the direction of information construction, green and low-carbon, industrial system and development momentum, combining the company's resource endowment of science and technology research and development, reshaping the industrial pattern, and striving to find a new road of green and low-carbon transformation and development.

Focusing on strong science and technology, strong industry "the key of the province", from "black industry" to "green development", Shanjian Technology company is testing the effect of "three grasp and three promote" with practice, working hard and persevering, and striving to turn the grand blueprint into a beautiful reality.

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