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To achieve 100% use of waste tires double star "three entrepreneurship" sword refers to green development

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Bicarbonized layout

State-owned enterprises are exemplary in fulfilling corporate social responsibility. In the strategic planning of Double Star, this state-owned enterprise with a hundred years of history will become the first enterprise in the global tire industry to implement the green management of the whole life cycle by establishing the industrial Internet ecosystem of "R & D 4.0+ Industry 4.0+ service 4.0", as well as "tire networking", refurbishment, green recycling, etc. At the same time, with "rare earth gold" tire technology, green new materials, life cycle consumption reduction and emission reduction management, to help the "double carbon" strategy, and strive to become the first carbon neutral enterprise in China's tire industry as soon as possible.

The wind begins at the end of the duckweed. As early as a few years ago, Double Star has cooperated with 9 universities such as Southeast University, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao University of Science and Technology to overcome 17 key common technical problems in the field of global waste tire recycling, and developed waste tire green cracking and carbon black recycling technology and intelligent equipment to fill the global gap. It realizes "zero pollution, zero residue, zero emission and full utilization" of waste tire treatment. In 2019, Double Star built the world's first "Industry 4.0" intelligent factory for recycling waste tires in Runan County, Henan Province, and in 2021, it will build a second waste tire treatment plant in Shiyan City, Hubei Province.

A waste tire can be "transformed" into primary oil, environmental protection carbon black, steel wire and gas by cracking, truly "eating dry squeezing" of waste tires, and truly turning "black pollution" into "black gold". Data from the China Circular Economy Association show that for every 10,000 tons of used tires, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 11,000 tons.

According to estimates, 100,000 tons of waste tires can be "transformed" into 45,000 tons of cracked oil, 8,000 tons of gas, 35,000 tons of carbon black, and 12,000 tons of steel wire. If the country's 13 million tons of used tires a year are treated in this way, it will form 6.5 billion yuan of output value in the field of waste tire recycling and recycling respectively, 45 billion yuan of output value scale, driving equipment manufacturing output value scale of 1.95 billion yuan, and recycling plant construction output value scale of 47 billion yuan, thus forming an annual output of more than 100 billion yuan industrial chain.

Green development runs through the whole product cycle

Double Star's green and low-carbon development model is not only applied to the waste tire cracking industry, but throughout the product production process cycle. The rolling resistance of Double star "rare earth gold" tires can be reduced to 4.5-3.8. According to comparable data and expert analysis, if a large trailer is calculated according to the driving of 1 million kilometers, the use of "rare earth gold" tires with rolling resistance of 4.5 can save 63,000 liters of fuel. Carbon reduction targets are even more impressive. If the country is estimated by 8 million of the above vehicles, it will save more than 100 billion liters of fuel a year and reduce carbon emissions by more than 250 million tons. Not only reduce the owner's operating costs, but also do a great social responsibility.

If China's annual production of truck and bus tires is calculated according to 130 million (service life of about 200,000 kilometers), and the full use of dual-star "rare earth gold" tires, calculated according to the service life of 500,000 kilometers (not refurbished), about 80 million can be reduced. According to the carbon emission level of the existing ordinary enterprises, the 80 million tires can reduce carbon emissions by about 3.6 million tons a year.

New Era, New "Four Modernizations"

In the hundred-year development process, every step taken by Double Star is firm and steadfast. On January 16, 2014, Double Star opened a new journey of "second entrepreneurship and creating a world famous tire brand", through intelligent transformation, closed all old factories, eliminated all backward production capacity, and built the first full-process "Industry 4.0" intelligent factory in the global tire industry.

On January 16, 2020, Double Star opened a new journey of "three entrepreneurship, creating world-class enterprises", focusing on the three main industries and model innovation, and implementing the "three wisdom and new" strategy of smart ecology, smart tires, smart equipment, and green high-end new materials.

On January 16, standing at the starting point of the new century, Double Star proposed "new double star, new century, new strategy", which is a new development path. In the future, the new double Star will be supported by the new "Four modernizations" composed of double carbonization, high-tech, globalization and digitalization, and strive to become a world-class enterprise with high-tech, digitalization and social responsibility.

Under the background of "two-carbon" strategy, promoting the low-carbon and carbon-reducing development of industry is one of the important ways to achieve the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality". There is no doubt that tire companies will be an important group to carry and achieve the goal of "double carbon".

As an important "output place" of cutting-edge technology in the tire industry, Double Star is using a series of new technologies that follow the pace of The Times to make the development of enterprises more "green", constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises, generate new economic growth points, and form a green closed-loop whole industrial chain from resources to products to waste to resources.

This year, as the "new era" of the new century of Double Star, it also indicates that Double Star will shoulder the new development responsibility, and use high-tech and digitalization to practice the national "double carbon" strategy and move toward high-quality development.

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