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TQT1200-530 Strip Cutter

5 0 Reviews
Cut the tire into strip and the strip width can be adjustable.
Price: $ 0

Equipment features

Vertical structure for labor-saving and safe operated stop potential risk.Performance stable and easily,lifespan durable,low noise without pollution and small floor area.Shearing force big with low power consumption and slow.The double disc blades adopted high speed steel,which is hard (HRC61-64) ,resistance and sharped repeatedly.

Main technical spec

 Equipment model TQT1200-530
Motor power (Kw) 7.5
 Tire size(mm) Φ800-Φ1200
 Strip Width(mm) 40-180
 Capacity(条 Pcs/h) 60-75
 Size(L×W×Hmm) 1300×700×1650
Equipment weight (Kg) 1250
If you want to cut the tire in Φ 1200-1600mm,we can customize the upgraded one for you


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